TRENDING: The Blanket Scarf





One of the most popular, and coziest, trends of this fall and winter seasons, is the Blanket Scarf! They are soft, warm, and really add a special touch to casual and dressier outfits alike.

You will come to know that I adore scarves. I have over 30 hanging in my closet as we “speak!” Some are solid colors, some patterned, some infinity style, and of course, your standard, tried and true, pashminas.

The blanket scarf, however, is the figurative “new girl in town” in my closet, and I have welcomed her with open arms! I would say neck, but that would just be odd…

While this post focuses on a casual styling of the blanket scarf, I plan to add this to dresses as well. Imagine a midi length sweater dress, sassy booties, and a blanket scarf?! I’m already planning that outfit as I type this!

Its easy to see that the blanket scarf can be dressed up or down depending your preference. I can’t wait for cooler weather so I can add this to my outfits more often. If you are looking for this scarf in particular, you can find a similar one here, but they are literally EVERYWHERE right now! This is a perfect trendy accessory because there are many affordable options.

Find one that suits your personality and just go for it! Get your trend on!




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