Valentine’s Gifts for Her…or You.

1. VS Robe– who doesn’t love feeling pampered and getting cozy in a fluffy robe?! I have this one in gray. (Thanks, Chris!)

2. Coffee Mug– There are SO many cute mugs out there. Find one that suits her personality. You could even add a bag of specialty coffee with the mug for a little something extra. Marshalls and TJ Maxx usually have both for cheap!

3. Laura Mercier Honey Bath– If she loves being pampered, the Laura Mercier bath collection is a MUST. It’s a little pricey, but the products are well worth it. Ambre Vanille is my favorite!

4. Alex and Ani– If you are looking to splurge a little this year, jewelry is never a bad option if you are in a more serious relationship. I love these Alex and Ani bracelets! Find a couple that match her style and she can wear them all together. A great watch would be a nice option too.

5. Handwritten Note & Dinner- If your budget is tight after the holidays, a sweet, handwritten note and cooking dinner always is a good idea! Don’t let a small budget deter you from sharing how much you care about your girl!

While I am a firm believer in showing your person how much you care all year long, Valentine’s Day is a fun little holiday to do something extra sweet. If you are single this Valentine’s Day, treat yourself to something special!

All the items in this post are items I have tested out myself or am currently craving! What are ya’ll doing for your significant others this Valentine’s Day?! Comment below and let me know your plans!

Last Minute Valentine’s Gifts for Her!

Hi friends!

Only a few days until Valentine’s Day and you may be wondering if your man took your hints on the perfect Valentine’s Day gift. Or if you are a single gal, you may be thinking of getting yourself a little something special because being single doesn’t mean you can’t treat yourself! 😉

So whether you are deciding what to buy yourself or you need a way to give a better hint to your significant other, read and share my list of great last minute Valentine’s gifts for her below:

If she’s a FITNESS freak: The Barbella Box is an awesome gift that you can make a one time purchase of or start a monthly subscription for her! It includes fitness gear and products that will help her strength gains and make her look better in a bikini- which is a win for her and for you!


Another option for a fit chick is the ever popular and so worth it, Wunder Unders from Lululemon. While they are pretty pricey, these leggings are great quality and make the booty look nice!


If she’s a FASHIONISTA: You can’t go wrong with a trip to your local Sunglass Hut or department store to pick up these bad boys. Ray-Bans are always in style and these are so classic that few women would turn them down!


If she’s a THOUGHTFUL girl, this Pinterest inspired gift might be perfect and also ridiculously inexpensive! Purchase a mason jar, some ribbon, and paper, and place little notes inside that say all the reasons you love her. You might want to have a tissue near as well because this is sure to bring on the water works!


And last but not least, if you are dating a BASIC chick, its safe to say a Starbucks giftcard, Uggs, or a selfie stick would probably make your lady jump for joy! I don’t know what is more basic than that.


Happy Valentine’s Day!