Fashion Addict: Part 2- Eliminating Temptation
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Almost two weeks down of no clothing or shoes shopping! It is crazy how many temptations I have on the daily to buy or look at things. Whether its getting an email or seeing an ad on my Facebook, I have stopped myself so many times from going to a website to online shop.
Last Saturday, I worked a few hours and also saw several cute things that I just knew I NEEDED (haha), but I did not cave. I left the store with no purchases.
Even though working in retail can be tough, I think the biggest thing to help with buying temptations this week was unsubscribing from a lot of marketing emails from companies. Once I stopped seeing 5 emails a day about the “biggest sale of the year,” I was able to get some of my shopping temptations to lessen.
I bet if you took inventory of your emails, you would find a few stores to unsubscribe to as well to reduce your inclination to shop!
I also used this week to wear a couple new items that still had tags on them. I felt like I just went shopping!
After a successful two weeks, I think I can continue throughout the rest of May without making any unnecessary purchases. Are any of you making a change in your shopping habits?! Let me know!

Fashion Addict Part 1: Breaking the Buying Cycle


Hi friends,

Today I am talking about something a little different. If you know me well, you know that I am a bargain shopper and try to get everything I buy for as little as possible. You also know I have a little side gig working as an on-call associate for Belk whenever they need me on the weekends.

Those two things combined with my love for clothes and shoes can be dangerous. I can find sooo many cute things at amazing prices when I work at Belk that I find myself walking out the door owing Belk more than I made that day!

I am usually very good with my money and budget things out. Recently, however, I realized I could be saving so much more if I actually wore all the clothes in my closet instead of buying something new several times a month. (Yikes!)

Because of those things, I want to force myself to wear only the things in my closet for the rest of the month and make no new fashion purchases unless it is something absolutely necessary. Honestly, this shouldn’t be anything. I have so many options I can’t think of anything that would be dire enough for me to break this pact with myself.

Each week through the month of May I will update you all on my personal challenge so I can hold myself accountable. Do any of you get caught up in the thrill of the sale and purchase unnecessary items?

#WIW to a Sunday Wedding


Hi friends,

Wedding season is in full effect! I went to see my friends, Kelly and Steve, tie the knot this past Sunday, and it was so beautiful. (They are the brunette Barbie and Ken in my opinion!)

They had an awesome brunch style reception with a mimosa bar and crepe station, and I may or may not have made the biggest crepe possible. I’m talking cannoli creme, nutella, and strawberries in that bad boy! HAHA!

Another awesome thing I noticed at the wedding how was popular color was among the ladies. Several of us were wearing an orange or coral like my dress shown, as well as bright green and royal blue.

Weddings are a great time to dress up and try on something fun and girly. My dress is last season Jessica Simpson, but I really think the lace and the midriff cut outs are continuing to be popular this spring and summer seasons.

What trends are you loving right now?! Comment below and tell me your favorite spring trend!

NYC: Part II


Hi friends!

Last week was absolutely crazy! I planned to get part 2 up on the blog by the weekend, but I was overwhelmed with life activities. Some of that included doctor’s appointments, gym time, working my part time gig, and a photo shoot that will give the blog a little facelift- Shew!

So here is a little summary of the rest of my trip to NYC:

On Saturday, I went into the city and looked around Times Square. While it is very tourist-oriented, I love all the bright lights and jumbotrons. There are so many sights to see- people included- that I always enjoy walking through the area.

I had breakfast near Times Square and that meal started my bagel breakfasts for the rest of the weekend! So, so good!

My favorite activity that day was actually going into a small store called Laline. It was a cute little shop filled with bath and body products. My best friend’s husband, Ryan, was a good sport and went into Laline with me, where we picked hand scrubs and had a mini spa experience! HAHA! I even bought a scrub, lotion, and bubble bath to take home in the scent Vanilla Pink Pepper.

The rest of the trip went by super fast, but it was a great time. We walked so much I decided if I ever move to a big city like that, I will have several pairs of cute tennis shoes that I will walk to work in and then switch into my heels. I loved taking the subway and walking but doing that every day would encourage me to get some comfortable kicks!

I can’t wait to go back but trying for warmer weather next time! See ya next time, New York!

NYC: Part I

(Felt so fab, but so cold!)
(View from our apartment!)
(Me hailing a pretend taxi for a cute photo op)

Hi friends,

I am back from NYC! I had such a great time with my best friends, Laura and Ryan, and their precious babe, Bruin!

We stayed with Laura’s brother and sister in law at their apartment which has the most AMAZING view. No matter the time of day, it was so cool to look out and see the Manhattan skyline. We could even see the Empire State Building from the living room.

It was much colder than we hoped or even thought it would be, but thankfully we brought enough warm clothes with us. It didn’t make the fashionista in me happy, but I did the best I could considering I was bundled from head to toe!

On Friday, we went into the city and shopped around 5th Ave. I was in heaven! That night we stayed in and got Indian food with Laura’s brother and sister in law. It was my first time trying Indian food, and I was pleasantly surprised. I want to find one in Myrtle Beach now!

It was such a busy weekend and weather was not the best, but I did manage to get a few pictures throughout our time there. I will do another post this week on the trip because this post is getting lengthy! To make sure you don’t miss a post, you can subscribe via email on the left of the screen!

Have an awesome day 🙂