NYC: Part II


Hi friends!

Last week was absolutely crazy! I planned to get part 2 up on the blog by the weekend, but I was overwhelmed with life activities. Some of that included doctor’s appointments, gym time, working my part time gig, and a photo shoot that will give the blog a little facelift- Shew!

So here is a little summary of the rest of my trip to NYC:

On Saturday, I went into the city and looked around Times Square. While it is very tourist-oriented, I love all the bright lights and jumbotrons. There are so many sights to see- people included- that I always enjoy walking through the area.

I had breakfast near Times Square and that meal started my bagel breakfasts for the rest of the weekend! So, so good!

My favorite activity that day was actually going into a small store called Laline. It was a cute little shop filled with bath and body products. My best friend’s husband, Ryan, was a good sport and went into Laline with me, where we picked hand scrubs and had a mini spa experience! HAHA! I even bought a scrub, lotion, and bubble bath to take home in the scent Vanilla Pink Pepper.

The rest of the trip went by super fast, but it was a great time. We walked so much I decided if I ever move to a big city like that, I will have several pairs of cute tennis shoes that I will walk to work in and then switch into my heels. I loved taking the subway and walking but doing that every day would encourage me to get some comfortable kicks!

I can’t wait to go back but trying for warmer weather next time! See ya next time, New York!