Life Update

Hi friends,

It’s been so long! And that’s my fault, but I have had such a busy few months that Palmetto Couture unfortunately took the back seat.

But because I was so busy, I have a few updates for you all so I’ll just jump right in and share:

  1. I built a house!

I feel like a real adult now living in a place that I can literally call my own! It was a process and at times pretty stressful but overall I am so glad I finally decided to take the plunge.

Living in my own home has been so nice but with that comes a LOT of things you have to buy that you might never think about. Like gutters?! And they are not cheap. So, that’s not a super fun home purchase BUT over this year I will be buying new furniture and decorating and hopefully sharing with you all how I decorate everything.

  1. I turned the BIG 3-0!

I think the idea of turning 30 seems so daunting when you are in high school or even college. Thirty seems so old and far away. But now that I am here, it is pretty sweet. I have accomplished several of my goals before turning 30, like buying a home and paying off my Clemson student loans.

I am honestly in much better physical shape than I was at 21 years old, and I have a great job that I enjoy. I actually have a few dollars to spend now on vacation or a pair of heels that I want, and I couldn’t do much of that when I was in college and broke. HAHA!

  1. Miami

Speaking of traveling, for my 30th Birthday, several of my friends, my boyfriend, and I went to Miami!

It was such a fun trip, and I would love to go back. We ate so much good food that weekend, drank a lot of Cuban coffee, and saw some neat things like awesome artwork at Wynwood Walls. All of the pics in today’s post are from that area.

One place we ate at was called Larios and it is owned by Gloria Estefan! SO, so good.

Now that I’m back to real life, and things have settled down, my plan for PC this year is to produce a blog every Wednesday. In the past I thought I could do twice a week, but for now, I am going to put out content on Wednesdays until I think I can put out more. Please subscribe via email to never miss a new post and always feel free to share any post via Facebook or Twitter if you want!

See ya next week!

New Jeans, New Shoes


Hi Friends,

Don’t you just love a new pair of jeans that fit so right?! And of course, new shoes are always a positive.

Recently, I ordered a pair of booties from Sole Society ( find them here) and I have been wearing them out! Sole Society has a ton of options and they are affordable. You can use my code here for a discount off of your first purchase. But anyway, booties have become a must-have over the past few years. They range from casual to dressy and its easy to find a pair that fit your needs.

I also was in desperate need of jeans so I ordered these (expensive, I know, but great) and these (pictured above.) The jeans in this post are by William Rast- a Justin Timberlake brand. They are so soft and super stretchy. They run true to size, and I will definitely consider ordering another pair in the future. I wear a 4 or 27, and these fit perfectly.

Let me know if you find any cute shoes on Sole Society or if you have any jeans suggestions for me. Hope you all have an awesome day! <3

End of Summer


Labor Day Weekend was the unofficial end of summer and while I love warm weather, I am ready for fall!

I have been trying to sneak in a few long sleeves in the cool morning and evenings but it will be a while before I get to enjoy my scarves and boots.

Over the weekend, I did buy a new blanket scarf and an olive green floppy hat! I even wore the scarf around my apartment for a few hours just to enjoy it for a bit, haha. I have a feeling olive will be a big hit again this fall because I have been seeing it in everything- handbags, hats, booties, etc…

What are you looking forward to about the fall?! Flannel? Pumpkin everything? Booties?

White Pants: Before & After Labor Day


Hi Friends,

The end of summer is no where in sight for us southerners but the stigma of no white after Labor Day is fast approaching. In the past, the idea of white shoes or pants after the holiday was a serious fashion no-no. Today, however, I think we are realizing how great white pants can be in all four seasons.

While white shoes are hard to pull off in general unless you have a quality pair of leather heels or designer flats, white pants can be worn a multitude of ways.

In today’s post, my outfit is pretty simple. White jeans paired with a flowy denim top from Banana Republic and bright, floral, Guess pumps. I have worn these pants and these heels so many times this summer. Good basics like the denim top and white pants can always be dressed up with a fun pair of heels.

For the fall or winter, I would pair white pants with other neutrals like an oversized beige sweater and booties. You can mix it up however you like, but I think the takeaway here is that white is not banned after the beginning of September.

Do you wear white after Labor Day? Tell me your thoughts!

Colorado Beauty

bear lake
FP dress

Hi friends!

A few weeks ago I took my first trip out West to the beautiful state of Colorado. While visiting friends, we spent a lot of time outdoors so I really took advantage of very little makeup, gym clothes, and air dry hair days. 🙂

It. was. awesome.

This post isn’t super fashion related, but I wanted to share my adventure with you all.

I have never seen such flawless beauty in nature. Every place was like a postcard.

One day we hiked in Estes Park at Rocky Mountain National Park and took Trail Ridge Road all the way to the top. Somehow we managed to drive right past a few Elk! It was amazing seeing them so up close.

Another day we went white water rafting on the Poudre River and man, was the water cold! Our guide told us it was around 50 degrees and mostly from the snow melting off the mountains.

After rafting, we didn’t have a place to shower, but we all tried our best to clean up before heading to New Belguim and Odell Brewing Companies in Ft. Collins, Colorado. I am not a huge beer drinker, but I did taste a few that I thought were good!

All in all, the week was so much fun, and I would love to go back as soon as possible. If you are ever looking for an outdoorsy place to vacation, I would definitely recommend Colorado!