Easy Blue Dress for Fall

If you live in the South, you know how crazy the weather can be this time of year. Its October, so I automatically think I should be wearing scarfs and boots!

Unfortunately, that is not life in South Carolina so we have to work on outfits that transition from summer to fall.

This easy (but last season) blue dress from Express is so light weight, but the colors and bell sleeves allow it to work now that the weather is slightly cooler.

I love taking jewel tone dresses from the summer and pairing them with booties for a fall look. Adding a darker lipstick or even a fringe purse or light weight scarf can change your summer staple to a fall must-have!

Here are a few of my favorite fall dresses right now: Nordstrom (less than $60)  Old Navy (less than $40)  Express – LOVE THIS ONE (On sale, less than $40)

I don’t have anything exciting going on this week but sometimes it is nice to have a low-key week planned!

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PS. Anyone notice the Chris E. we found on the wall?! Thought it was cute since my fiance is Chris E. as well! 🙂