The Ultimate Sunday Beauty Routine!

Hi friends!

The weekend is almost here, and I’m ready to relax! For me, no matter what my weekend consists of, Sunday is the day to catch up on my beauty routine! I like to take a few extra steps that I might skip during the week so that I can start my Monday fresh and put together. Below are 5 ways to relax and get yourself prepped for the week ahead.




1. Set the Mood

I love when everything is neat, clean, and looks like a picture! Before I start my beauty routine, I make sure my bathroom is set up to make me feel relaxed. I light a candle, lay out my towels, and if I’m really feeling fancy, I’ll set up a vase of fresh flowers.

2. Bubbles

After my bathroom is set up how I like, I run a bath and will read a chapter or two from a book I am reading. And of course, my bath has bubbles. How can a girl relax without bubbles?!

3. Exfoliate…everything!

Before I become a wrinkled prune, I exfoliate my body using a scrub you can pick up from your local drugstore. I use St. Ive’s Body Scrub, and it makes my skin feel so soft and new. If you get dry skin or just want to rejuvenate your skin, exfoliating will seriously help!

I also exfoliate my face before I continue with my typical skincare routine but be sure to use a face scrub and not a body scrub! A body scrub is much too hard for the sensitive skin on your face.

4. Mask-querade

This next step might be my favorite part of the Sunday beauty routine! After I am out of the bath, I use a mask on my face to get all the impurities out! Everyone’s skin is different, but for my oily skin, I use Clinique’s Oil-Control Cleansing Mask. It really works to help with shine-control!

Not only is using a mask once or twice a week great for your skin, there is just something special and fun about using one!

5. Moisturize

After I’ve completed my skincare, I make sure to moisturize my face and neck! These areas age much more quickly than other areas of the body so it is important to keep them hydrated. And especially after exfoliating your body, you will want to use a lotion or cream to soothe your skin during a prime time to lock in moisture!


All of these things are very typical of what I do every Sunday. They make me feel fresh, new, and like I really have my life together! 🙂

Each person’s skincare and beauty routines will be different based on your skin type but overall you can utilize these five steps to work for your own Ultimate Sunday Beauty Rituals. I love hearing about new products, so please feel free to comment below and tell me your beauty must-haves! Have a great weekend!

XOXO, Holly

3 Fall Must-Haves For Your Closet!


Although fall ends in a little over a month, there are 3 must-have pieces to complete your casual fall wardrobe: Fringe, Plaid, and a sweet, floppy hat.

Fall is one of my favorite times of the year and its because of the awesome fashion choices I get to make! Who doesn’t love an over-sized, plaid shirt for starters?! There are so many beautiful plaids in stores right now, it is difficult to choose just one (which is why I bought multiple!)

Fringe has also made a huge comeback this season, and I predict it will stick around through the winter months as well. As you can see, the booties I’m wearing in this post have really been a chic yet trendy way to get my fringe fix. I got these from Belk, and I believe they are on super clearance right now!

Afraid to try the fringe trend? There are many ways you can incorporate it into your closet. Find a sassy purse or crossbody bag, or try a poncho (also trending!) that has a subtle fringe on the bottom!

Now after you’ve picked up your (multiple) plaid tops, and a fringe item, head to your favorite store and PLEASE try on a floppy hat. But Holly, you say, I don’t wear hats! Well, I say try one on anyway, and you will immediately feel fabulous! The moment I put a stylish hat on, I feel like I should have my own tv show. Yes, I feel that fabulous.

And its that easy. Three fall must-haves and you will be on your way to completing your fall wardrobe!…and having your own tv show.*

XOXO, Holly

***Disclaimer: Having these three fall must-haves will not guarantee you your own tv show, however, you may exude the confidence needed to do so.***



TRENDING: The Blanket Scarf





One of the most popular, and coziest, trends of this fall and winter seasons, is the Blanket Scarf! They are soft, warm, and really add a special touch to casual and dressier outfits alike.

You will come to know that I adore scarves. I have over 30 hanging in my closet as we “speak!” Some are solid colors, some patterned, some infinity style, and of course, your standard, tried and true, pashminas.

The blanket scarf, however, is the figurative “new girl in town” in my closet, and I have welcomed her with open arms! I would say neck, but that would just be odd…

While this post focuses on a casual styling of the blanket scarf, I plan to add this to dresses as well. Imagine a midi length sweater dress, sassy booties, and a blanket scarf?! I’m already planning that outfit as I type this!

Its easy to see that the blanket scarf can be dressed up or down depending your preference. I can’t wait for cooler weather so I can add this to my outfits more often. If you are looking for this scarf in particular, you can find a similar one here, but they are literally EVERYWHERE right now! This is a perfect trendy accessory because there are many affordable options.

Find one that suits your personality and just go for it! Get your trend on!




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