Modern Map Art Review!

Hi friends,

With a new house, the hardest thing for me to find has been art for my walls. Nothing strikes me or what I do like, is crazy expensive!

Recently, a representative from Modern Map Art reached out to me about their wall art. Pretty sweet coincidence, right?!

Well, she sent me a 24×36 poster of a Myrtle Beach street map to see how I liked it and write a quick review for them. I thought I would share with you all as well.


The map was mailed to me in a sturdy container and covered with tissue paper to keep the image from smudging. I found the poster in great condition and was pleasantly surprised by the care taken to get me this print.

Once out of the container, I laid the print out and really liked how crisp and clean the lines were. The paper was good quality and seemed to be fairly sturdy as well.

I found a frame I liked and set the picture up in my dining area. Although my personal picture quality is not the best (snapped with my iPhone), the map of Myrtle Beach looked very sleek and modern. In regards to appearances alone, if you are looking for modern map art, I would suggest checking out the options that designs. So much to choose from!

Their website offers country and city maps, ski line maps and skyline maps. Most prints have multiple color options and can be sized from 8×10 to 24×36.

My only small complaint about their products is the cost. I think they are a little more expensive than I would expect for poster quality art, however, you will receive it timely, in great condition and it does look great when framed!

So all in all, go check out! Chris has been eyeballing the Myrtle Beach print and may try to claim it as his own before we get married.. 😉 Maybe I will share!

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