3 Fall Must-Haves For Your Closet!


Although fall ends in a little over a month, there are 3 must-have pieces to complete your casual fall wardrobe: Fringe, Plaid, and a sweet, floppy hat.

Fall is one of my favorite times of the year and its because of the awesome fashion choices I get to make! Who doesn’t love an over-sized, plaid shirt for starters?! There are so many beautiful plaids in stores right now, it is difficult to choose just one (which is why I bought multiple!)

Fringe has also made a huge comeback this season, and I predict it will stick around through the winter months as well. As you can see, the booties I’m wearing in this post have really been a chic yet trendy way to get my fringe fix. I got these from Belk, and I believe they are on super clearance right now!

Afraid to try the fringe trend? There are many ways you can incorporate it into your closet. Find a sassy purse or crossbody bag, or try a poncho (also trending!) that has a subtle fringe on the bottom!

Now after you’ve picked up your (multiple) plaid tops, and a fringe item, head to your favorite store and PLEASE try on a floppy hat. But Holly, you say, I don’t wear hats! Well, I say try one on anyway, and you will immediately feel fabulous! The moment I put a stylish hat on, I feel like I should have my own tv show. Yes, I feel that fabulous.

And its that easy. Three fall must-haves and you will be on your way to completing your fall wardrobe!…and having your own tv show.*

XOXO, Holly

***Disclaimer: Having these three fall must-haves will not guarantee you your own tv show, however, you may exude the confidence needed to do so.***



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