Easy Blue Dress for Fall

If you live in the South, you know how crazy the weather can be this time of year. Its October, so I automatically think I should be wearing scarfs and boots!

Unfortunately, that is not life in South Carolina so we have to work on outfits that transition from summer to fall.

This easy (but last season) blue dress from Express is so light weight, but the colors and bell sleeves allow it to work now that the weather is slightly cooler.

I love taking jewel tone dresses from the summer and pairing them with booties for a fall look. Adding a darker lipstick or even a fringe purse or light weight scarf can change your summer staple to a fall must-have!

Here are a few of my favorite fall dresses right now: Nordstrom (less than $60)  Old Navy (less than $40)  Express – LOVE THIS ONE (On sale, less than $40)

I don’t have anything exciting going on this week but sometimes it is nice to have a low-key week planned!

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PS. Anyone notice the Chris E. we found on the wall?! Thought it was cute since my fiance is Chris E. as well! 🙂

All Black Everything

I am so excited for October and fall weather! I love the festivals and cool nights by the fire during this time!

We are finally getting a little break from the heat here in Myrtle Beach so I wanted to share an easy, fall look that looks pretty chic. (Pics were taken pre-engagement so no ring here!)

I love going monochromatic with black in the fall and winter. Pair a cute sweater with detailing, black denim, and black heels for a look you can wear to dinner with the girls or a casual date night.

If going all one color is a little much for you, add a pop of color with your handbag or a vibrant lipstick.

I have linked some similar items you can find online now throughout the post if you are curious where to find them.

This weekend we are going out for a friend’s birthday and possibly a Chili Cook Off so I’m praying for nice weather, aka, an excuse to wear fall stuff!

What are your plans this weekend?! Comment below!

Modern Map Art Review!

Hi friends,

With a new house, the hardest thing for me to find has been art for my walls. Nothing strikes me or what I do like, is crazy expensive!

Recently, a representative from Modern Map Art reached out to me about their wall art. Pretty sweet coincidence, right?!

Well, she sent me a 24×36 poster of a Myrtle Beach street map to see how I liked it and write a quick review for them. I thought I would share with you all as well.


The map was mailed to me in a sturdy container and covered with tissue paper to keep the image from smudging. I found the poster in great condition and was pleasantly surprised by the care taken to get me this print.

Once out of the container, I laid the print out and really liked how crisp and clean the lines were. The paper was good quality and seemed to be fairly sturdy as well.

I found a frame I liked and set the picture up in my dining area. Although my personal picture quality is not the best (snapped with my iPhone), the map of Myrtle Beach looked very sleek and modern. In regards to appearances alone, if you are looking for modern map art, I would suggest checking out the options that www.modernmapart.com designs. So much to choose from!

Their website offers country and city maps, ski line maps and skyline maps. Most prints have multiple color options and can be sized from 8×10 to 24×36.

My only small complaint about their products is the cost. I think they are a little more expensive than I would expect for poster quality art, however, you will receive it timely, in great condition and it does look great when framed!

So all in all, go check out www.modernmapart.com! Chris has been eyeballing the Myrtle Beach print and may try to claim it as his own before we get married.. 😉 Maybe I will share!

I’m still in shock! #hhi

Hi friends,

So last weekend I went to Hilton Head Island for vacation and man, was it memorable!

My boyfriend, Chris, his 7-year-old daughter, Sienna, and two other families traveled down for a long weekend and had such a blast.

We visited Shelter’s Cove to look at the shops, went on a beautiful boat cruise where we saw dolphins, and then Sunday, we went kayaking where my life changed…

Chris and Sienna asked me to join their family! I’m engaged!! (Insert all the cry face emojis because I cried a good bit! HAHA!)

And if you hadn’t seen it via Facebook or Instagram already, I hope you can imagine my excitement as I write this!

It was the sweetest thing, and I am so excited to marry my love and become Sienna’s stepmom.

I will share more about the proposal in a later post as well as our plans going forward.

So for now, thank you to everyone who has reached out and wished us well. We are very happy and excited to become The Ellison Family!

Love you all!!

Valentine’s Gifts for Her…or You.

1. VS Robe– who doesn’t love feeling pampered and getting cozy in a fluffy robe?! I have this one in gray. (Thanks, Chris!)

2. Coffee Mug– There are SO many cute mugs out there. Find one that suits her personality. You could even add a bag of specialty coffee with the mug for a little something extra. Marshalls and TJ Maxx usually have both for cheap!

3. Laura Mercier Honey Bath– If she loves being pampered, the Laura Mercier bath collection is a MUST. It’s a little pricey, but the products are well worth it. Ambre Vanille is my favorite!

4. Alex and Ani– If you are looking to splurge a little this year, jewelry is never a bad option if you are in a more serious relationship. I love these Alex and Ani bracelets! Find a couple that match her style and she can wear them all together. A great watch would be a nice option too.

5. Handwritten Note & Dinner- If your budget is tight after the holidays, a sweet, handwritten note and cooking dinner always is a good idea! Don’t let a small budget deter you from sharing how much you care about your girl!

While I am a firm believer in showing your person how much you care all year long, Valentine’s Day is a fun little holiday to do something extra sweet. If you are single this Valentine’s Day, treat yourself to something special!

All the items in this post are items I have tested out myself or am currently craving! What are ya’ll doing for your significant others this Valentine’s Day?! Comment below and let me know your plans!